The 2017 Bookish Resolutions

Ok I understand we are basically at the end of Jan so I am a bit late but like…. life.. so here we go…..

2016 started off a wonderful reading year mostly due to the fact that I wasn’t working and when I wasn’t applying for jobs (ewwwww key selection criteria) I was able to dedicate all my free time to reading!

It all went down hill after I went traveling and then after I got back I found a new job. I forgot how difficult it is to even fit in reading for pleasure when I am out of the house between 8am and 6:30pm everyday and then also have to try and fit in seeing friends, exercise oh and feeding myself! And so I basically read nothing for the final months of the year instead I came home from work each day and was a tired fat sloth on the couch.

And so I went into 2017 with some simple resolutions to help me on my way! I wont bore you with all my non bookish ones they mostly involved not eating till I feel sick anymore just because the food is there and somehow working on my posture so I don’t become a hunched over lizard human.

So if you have made it this far in my rambling please find below my goals!


  1. For gods sake if you hate the book don’t continue:

I think one of the reasons I found it hard to motivate myself to read was I wasn’t hooked on a lot of the books I picked up. You know that feeling where you just need to keep reading and see what happens or you might die???? Yeah that wasn’t there, so I am not going to waste my time on a book I do not love. Now in saying this I am going to give the book a chance. Its not going to be a page 1 and I’m not hooked this book is dead to me scenario. I will give it a red-hot go and then decide 🙂


  1. Try and read each day – even just a page!

I need to get back in the habit of reading a little each day, even if its just 10 pages. Sometimes as a bookworm I feel like I want to devour the whole book in one sitting so I don’t start reading because I don’t have the time to finish the whole book. I need to make myself pick up the book and then force myself to put it down at an appropriate time so I am not dead for work. I also need to start reading on the tram to and from work again. This is something I used to do all the time and it meant I had a solid 20 minutes in the morning and evening to dedicate to reading – and a solid stop time when I had to get off the tram at work/home.


  1. Read more diversely – there is a whole world out there!

This resolution is two fold. I want to read books with a more diverse cast of characters and authors (particularly own voices) as well as read a wider range of genres.

It is important for me to try and gain some understanding of what other people go through and broaden my view of the world. While I will never truly be able to experience other peoples lives, reading can help me gain even a little tiny bit of an understanding. I am currently writing up my anticipated reads of 2017 and so many of them are diverse and it makes me SO EXCITED! The other side of reading more diversely is broadening the range of genres I read. I want to try more international authors/ translated novels, more non-fiction, Poetry etc. just more in general!


  1. You know that book idea inside your brain??? Yeah write that.

 Like many people I feel like I have stories traveling around inside my head constantly…. BUT I never seem to let them out. It’s a scary thing the prospect of sitting down and writing a book. This year I have told myself I am to let the stories out I any kind of form. If that means writing just a few short stories I will be proud! I would like to one day write a book, even if its just my mum and I that read it so this year I will get back into writing!


I kept my resolutions short and simple; I didn’t want too many restrictions on my reading- like I MUST read this per month etc. Because I know if I had done that I wouldn’t of stuck to it. I don’t like too many rules haha, this is why I don’t set myself a monthly TBR I am very much a mood reader. These 4 resolutions will allow me to still enjoy everything I am reading and hopefully reach my goal of 100 books this year!


P.s also another kind of resolution is… BLOODY HELL TRY AND READ SOME OF THE BOOKS YOU ALREADY OWN – I am trying not to be crushed by my tbr pile.


Until next time book nerds…love-3



One thought on “The 2017 Bookish Resolutions

  1. “Hunched over lizard human” made me snort at work. While I was hunched over my desk reading this post. Oops. Seriously though, great resolutions!!! I can definitely relate to reading less while working; I like the idea of picking up a book every day! 🙂


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