Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life By Sophie Kinsella


This will be a review in which I attempt to articulate my thoughts on a book I loved when all I want to do is scream into the abyss for everyone to read it.

If you don’t want to read my full attempt at reviewing please look to the shortened version below…

AMAZING, Loved it, all go read it. – 4 Avocados out of 5!

Now onto the proper review….. If you continue reading it MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! (but only little ones)

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella and what people like to call Chick Lit a lot so I already knew I was going to at least enjoy it. What ended up happening though was actually finding a book that really spoke to me and where I am in my life right now. I find with a lot of YA/Adult contemporary the characters are either in School/College so younger than me, or early 30’s so older than me. Katie Brenner our main girl is 26 (MY AGE) and she has left college, had an internship and now is at a proper adult job, living with people just trying to make life work. She puts on a brave front and on the outside lets people think she has it together, because she thinks everyone else has it together.

I think Kinsella is amazing at grasping everyday life and putting it down on paper. We find Katie at her job essentially trying to be someone she isn’t, she has a new nickname and new style, who she thinks she should be. But as we all know life is not that easy and doesn’t work that way. Through a series of events she loses her job and has to move back to the country with her father and his partner, she lies to them and says she is on sabbatical, as she doesn’t want to disappoint them. I COMPLETELY understand her in this moment. When you finish school and get a job you expect that life will come together and independence will be easy. You don’t want to disappoint anyone, most of all your parents after all they should be able to not stress about you anymore – you’re meant to be a proper adult. Getting the story from Katie’s brain in that moment was like looking into my own.

I think my favourite thing this story focused on was that outside appearances are not always what they seam. And this was best shown with Katie and Demeter’s relationship. Instagram life is not real life. Katie thinks her boss Demeter (terrible name btw I kept reading it as Dementor like from Harry Potter haha) has the perfect life from the outside, beautiful, hot husband, 2 kids and awesome Job. Demeter’s character ended up being one of my favourites! Kinsella was so good at making me hate her and think she was an idiot and by the end I was basically internally yelling DEMETER I LOVE YOU AND I WANT YOU TO WIN AT LIFE! I loved seeing Katie and Demerter’s relationship evolve it was actually lovely to see, and especially important to know that people are very different on the inside to how you first perceive them from the outside.

It also showed how important actual proper communication is. It’s fine to go around telling people you’re ok and your life is amazing, but if it isn’t and you are struggling you need to share it. Not everyone is perfect and life isn’t perfect and if we all told each other that I think we would all be just that little bit happier knowing we aren’t the only ones who don’t have our lives sorted.

I cant go through this review without mentioning the wonderful love interest Alex. I think you can go into most books like this expecting there to be a swoon worthy, adorable romantic lead and Alex was all of those things. He was of course good looking but also creative and smart and quirky. While romance didn’t take front and center of the story, which I really liked, it was definitely there and I was SO on board with Katie and Alex #teamkatieandalexforlife I wont go into much detail but Kinsella is just a champion at writing relationships.

Favourite scene: Was the opening scene with Katie on public transport getting to work. GOOD LORD it was hilarious and so so perfect hahaha read that opening scene and you will be hooked!

Basically this book was perfect for me where I am in my life now. BUT I think it is definitely worth a read if you are older/ younger as well. Kinsella is a writer who always makes me literally laugh out loud when I am reading and always captures real life in a wonderful way.

Love you all…



3 thoughts on “Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life By Sophie Kinsella

  1. Congrats on forming intelligent words coherently! I still haven’t been able to form a sentence beyond “it’s fantastic and real and I love Kinsella!”
    And yes!!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who kept calling her Dementor. And I to 180’d on her and was fighting for her in the end.


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