Bookstore Spotlight – Dymocks Melbourne

I want to highlight on my blog the wonderful bookshops in and around Melbourne 😀 So first on my list is the ever wonderful Dymocks on Collins street in the Melbourne CBD.


Name: Dymocks

Address: Lower Ground Floor, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000



This is probably the bookstore I visit most often. I work in the city so its easy (maybe a little too easy) for me to duck in after work and then catch the nearby tram home. Shout out to Dymocks for being open past 5:30 every weeknight. I thank you but my bank account does not.


  • HUGE – like seriously there are so many books here its amazing
  • Well organized. I am a person who likes my bookstores and shops in general to be well organized and labeled. This Dymocks has a layout that makes sense, at least to me, and ALL the shelves have lots of signage and let you know what genres are where.
  • The discount section!!!! In the back corner up a few steps is a bargain books section, which is always pretty full, and I have found some gems there.
  • YA- the YA section in my option is pretty good. They have a wide range on books in the YA section including all the popular titles as well as lesser-known ones. The children’s and middle grade sections are also nice and big!! I do think YA could be a bit bigger but its definitely not tiny like I see in other bookshops.
  • It has many other things available like totes, mugs, pens and I found my wonderful Flamingo watering can there.



  • There are none all bookstores a wonderful magical places hehehehehehe

Another thing I really like about Dymocks is all the events they have 😀 I have been to a number of book launches there and its always a fabulous time. I also like the 101 club and the random group of books that gets picked! ALSO I am happily racking up points on my card hehehehehe

I snapped some pics for your stalking pleasure 😉

Stay tuned to see more of the bookstores in and around Melbourne.

Love you all,



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