Series I probably won’t finish……


Ok first of all before I start these are just my opinions I am not the ruler of the book world if you loved these series (which I think a lot of you will) that is AMZAZING!!!! Just for me I probably wont be continuing…

Now that that is out of the way lets get into it – for whatever reason these are a few series that I just don’t see myself finishing for a variety of reasons. I wont ever completely rule out not reading them but its certainly not going to happen any time soon….

1: The shadow hunter chronicles/series By Cassandra Clare

I know this is a popular one, and I have read the first three books at least twice and just never continued. Clary was super annoying and I just didn’t get into it. Its not like I disliked them but I also didn’t love them. I have considered reading the Infernal Devices – I think they might be more up my ally and before you yell at me I don’t care about spoilers because I probs won’t read the shadow hunter ones hahaha. I have also thought about reading Lady Midnight which I know will also spoil things but I totes don’t care.


2: The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater

 I have read the Raven boys and I thought it was ok but really I didn’t feel motivated to finish them! This is one I’m not totally ruling out but I certainly won’t be finishing it any time soon. I found the story just didn’t grip me and I wasn’t invested in the characters. To love a story I need to love the characters – even love to hate them and I just don’t feel that yet! I am intrigued enough to want to know the ending of the last book but not anytime soon.


3/4: Vampire Academy/Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

 Ok this is actually two I kind of want to finish but I would have to do a whole re read and who has time for that!!!!!! I LOVED Vampire academy when I was finishing High school. I read the first three then and then a few years later re read them and the following two but never quiet made it to the last one, however I did love them so maybe one day… also #RoseandDimitriforlife

Bloodlines is a similar deal. I binge read like the first 4 when they were all out and really loved them but never picked up the last two!!!! I love seeing Sydney and Adrian’s relationship evolve and characters from Vampire Academy pop up and I am interested to see how the world wraps up in the end.


5: The Lux Series by Jennifer L Armentrout

 I read the first one Obsidian maybe last year (Or the year before) and with this one I think if maybe I had read it in high school I would have loved it more. I got major Twilight vibes (Which btw I loved in high school) and I just found it to be a less good version of the TV show Roswell – Which is an amazing show all go watch it. I really don’t see myself continuing this series ever; I know it’s well loved but just no. Not for me. I am interested in reading some of her other works though so if you have any faves of her other series let me know!


Its not like I hated any of these books but with so many new books coming out that I’m super excited for I just want to spend my time reading them rather than the above! However I am easily influenced so if you have a strong case for any of the above series convince me in the comments haha

Love you all, see you next time!




3 thoughts on “Series I probably won’t finish……

  1. Agreed with the Raven bots series I finished them but they were really middle ground for me. Vampire Acedemt got good for me from book 3 and I haven’t read bloodlines but I’m planning too 😊 I think I read up to book 3 or 4 of the Lux series and it just started feeling really repetitive so I haven’t bothered with the next books .

    I don’t think I my comments very motivational for you to pick up these series 😂 Maybe read TMI just so you can read TID (or just skip to TID)


  2. I was thinking of reading Lady Midnight too, even though I have the last books in TMI and TID series to finish, still. I don’t want to reread them all to finish both series off, GRAH! Or maybe I just won’t bother with Clare anymore, that ship has kind of sailed a bit for me! DECISIONS! I hope to pick up Bloodlines soon! ❤


  3. The only series on your list that i have read is Vampire Academy. I did finish all 6 of those books and would recommend reading the last book, but it’s not something that i would freak out about. It is a good book and a nice wrap up to that series, but i certainly never felt the need to read Bloodlines. so yeah, i guess it is all up to you if you finish that series or not.


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